Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin

As you might already know, Bitcoin has become an asset that promises a revolution in the currency system of the future. Cryptocurrencies are changing the game in a big way—and many celebrities are cashing in on the opportunity as well. So far, we have heard about Snoop Dogg making his 2013 album available for 0.3 BTC at a time when cryptocurrencies were not well-known. Names like Paris Hilton and Mike Tyson have been tossed in the crypto talk and people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have also been noticed to be positive about bitcoin.

While not all of these conversations aren’t factual, the ones that divulge a big truth—bitcoin has become so popular that it is here to stay! In this article, we will be talking about how the world’s greatest celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, has recently been associated with the crypto hype. Let’s dive right into the Gordon Ramsay bitcoin conversation. Does Gordon Ramsay use Bitcoin, or is it just hype?

Who is Gordon Ramsey?

Let’s start this off with the man himself. Gordon Ramsey is a 53-year-old British chef who is most well-known for having awarded a total of 16 Michelin stars throughout his life. Through his 30+ years of cooking, Gordon has always pushed the envelope further. He has his chain of restaurants all over the world. He hosts and appears in TV shows such as Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares, and MasterChef. A TV show, Gordon’s Great Escape (2010), also had a massive impact on the culture, spanning “food vlogs” all over the world.

Be it the kitchen or the internet—the influence of Gordon is well-known, and he has been known to invest his time, money, and effort in what might be the next big thing—from the TV series in 2010 to reality-TV themed shows (for adults and kids), and to his short, hilarious videos reacting to food on Instagram.

Needless to say, it isn’t really surprising if he has decided to ride the Bitcoin wave as well!

Gordon Ramsey and Bitcoin

Has Gordon Ramsay invested in bitcoin? So far, we have heard a lot of reports and gossip around the subject. But once we went through Gordon’s public statements, we were not able to find him either endorsing Bitcoin or talking about cryptocurrencies in general. Since the man’s personal net worth is $63 million and he is rumored to just draw a salary as huge as $60 million per year, it is not a leap to think that he might be keeping the “bitcoin lifestyle Gordon Ramsay affair” as something he doesn’t want to bring out into the open yet.

Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is quickly becoming a popular platform among people who are into the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Revolution is a software that is automated and uses data-driven, result-oriented trading strategies. What you have to do is simple—you just deposit the money in your account and enable auto trading. The software keeps looking for profitable trading opportunities and makes a trade whenever the algorithms suggest a great probability to win. Needless to say, there is a lot of hype about this platform on the internet nowadays.

There have been several rumors that indicate that Gordon Ramsay might have invested money in the cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin, using the Bitcoin Revolution to test the market. We decided to do some research, going through all the media resources we could. While we found a lot of hype and gossip, we weren’t able to find a word from the man himself. What we did find, however, were a lot of articles that indicate his interest in joining the revolution (pun intended), and even chatter about Bitcoin Revolution Gordon Ramsay This Morning interview which actually never happened.

Will we actually get to see Bitcoin trader Gordon Ramsay in the future? Who knows, since, even if the rumors are true and he has invested money using Bitcoin Revolution, he is keeping things quite private!

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Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a software that claims to improve the trading performance of its users. The robot has been designed to keep a watch on the market, monitor the trading conditions, and be on the lookout for profitable trading opportunities. The software claims to work by leveraging the trader’s help to set up personalized, customizable trading parameters that can allow traders to focus on their day to day tasks as the robot keeps an eye on the assets they want to trade.

It is the kind of bot designed for people who are busy, which is why, when we first heard about Gordon Ramsay’s personal interest in the Bitcoin Revolution platform, we were thinking that it makes sense. However, after scouring through the internet’s noise, once again, we were not able to find any conclusive proof that could either confirm or deny the interest of Gordon Ramsay in the Bitcoin Revolution software. However, where there is smoke, there usually is fire—and this does seem to us like the perfect software for someone as busy as Gordon Ramsay. But so far, no one knows for certain.

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Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Trader

dragon's den bitcoin

Bitcoin Trader is a software that is increasingly becoming popular, especially among people who are just starting to invest in cryptocurrency. This auto trading system is based on the concept of applying a combination of trading strategies that are known to work well and waiting for trading opportunities. The software does all of this itself, allowing users to sit back, relax, and reap passive income from their investments. This software is fairly new, though, and that has made many people to question if it even works or not. At this point, there isn’t a lot of user data to prove it.

While there is a lot of chatter on the internet concerning the legitimacy of this software, we have found that there are people who claim they have profited from it, and there are people who are too scared to even try it. As for someone like Gordon Ramsay using such a system to enter the market, a simple Google search revealed the lack of information available. Hence, we don’t believe he uses such a tool. Because if he did, wouldn’t it instantly become the talk of the town? We definitely think so. We concur that this one might just be a Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin fake news after all!

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BBC news Bitcoin Gordon Ramsay

If you will simply do an online search for this, or for “Gordon Ramsay interview with Holly Willoughby Bitcoin,” you will be able to see that there was a series of articles and blogs, as well as online advertisements that hyped that Gordon was on “This Morning” show hosted by Holly Willoughby, talking about Bitcoin. Most of this content was written in the style of a BBC news post.

We came across this by simply looking up ‘Gordon Ramsay interview with Holly Willoughby Bitcoin.’ All these media resources talked about was how Gordon was using a platform called “Profit Bitcoin” to make so much money that it had helped him get “his 9th Ferrari.”

Well, one such ad was recently taken out from Microsoft’s news page, and a lot of these blog posts are being taken down every day as well. So, our guess, it was nothing but a big, old Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin hoax to get some attention to the new platform so people could put their money in it. Is the platform legit or not, I guess we will know soon for sure, as there is a lot of action being taken on this by the public as well as certain administrative authorities.

Gordon Ramsay scam Bitcoin

The incident mentioned above with fake ads and blogs being posted about Gordon’s interest in Bitcoin and that one particular platform has indicated that there is a lot of hype being generated using the name of celebrities to popularize some of these new software out there. Whenever you search for something like “bitcoin Gordon Ramsay,” be very sure of the sources delivering information to you.

Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is another platform that is being hyped about. It claims to work on a principle similar to the ones we’ve talked about earlier in the article. You deposit money, and it will use algorithms to trade and make you passive income. The software uses the blockchain’s decentralized core to fish for profitable trading opportunities, automatically making trades on your behalf.

Upon going through the chatter of the internet, we weren’t able to find any concrete proof that this particular Bitcoin money Gordon Ramsay hype is real or not, so it might be safe to assume it is just another rumor at this point.

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Bitcoin Code Gordon Ramsay

Bitcoin Code is another platform Gordon has been linked within the recent past. There were certain blog posts linking Gordon to this platform, but they have been deleted for now, which makes us question the legibility of their claims. The platform claims to make you as much as $13,000 within the first 24 hours, provided that you trust their auto-trading algorithm and are willing to make a minimum deposit of $250. The website also advises you to keep reinvesting 80%of your profits to get great results. Well, we don’t know about all that but one thing we do know is this—Gordon hasn’t been linked with this website in any shape or form so far.

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Bitcoin Lifestyle Gordon Ramsay

Bitcoin Lifestyle seems to be a regulated platform that lets individuals and institutions buy cryptocurrencies instantly and to make quick exchanges. The platform also claims to have been featured on reputed platforms and publications like the New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal.

We thought this could be one legit claim as the platform does look great. But we weren’t able to find anything Gordon-related in our searches. Most probably, it is just another hoax, probably to bring more attention to this platform.

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Conclusion: Has Gordon Ramsay invested in Bitcoin?

Well, of all the ‘Bitcoin profit Gordon Ramsay’ searches we have done, we could not find a legitimate source that connects Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin in a way that is believable. Since Gordon hasn’t said anything publicly, it would be safe to assume that he hasn’t invested in Bitcoin using any of these platforms yet.


Is Gordon Ramsay buying Bitcoin?

Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin have been linked a lot of times recently, but he has never publicly spoken about buying Bitcoin, so we don't think this is that case.

Has Gordon Ramsay invested in Bitcoin Revolution?

It doesn't seem like it. There is no public record of him saying that, and while there is chatter about this online, most of it seems to be nothing but speculations—and even baseless rumors.

What platform does Gordon Ramsay use to trade Bitcoin?

If he uses one, no one knows, since there is no proof of him talking about it in public.

Which Bitcoin auto trading software does Gordon Ramsay use?

Most articles linking Gordon Ramsay to auto trading software are publicity stunts based on nothing but rumors. We don't think he uses any such software.

Was Gordon Ramsay talking about Bitcoin on This Morning show?

There was a post that claimed it, but it was taken down because this never happened. It is nothing but a hoax.

Did BBC cover Gordon Ramsay's Bitcoin investment story?

There was a fake post written in 'BBC news style,' which was used to trick people into investing in a platform Gordon doesn't use.